Appointments : North League Division 2 East (East Pennine) and North East League appointments are made throughout the season by the Appointments Secretary and forwarded to all umpires and clubs via the umpire liaison officers.
The Appointments Secretary : Andrew Nix, can be contacted by email. - Appointments will be circulated to all in the neutral pool.
Appointments for North League Premier and Division 1 matches are made throughout the season by the North Appointments Secretary (Annette Badger) and forwarded to all umpires via the North HUA web system (http://www.northhua.org/index.php)

Umpires must be confirmed by the Home team by the Tuesday evening prior to the Saturday match – failure to do this must be reported to the relevant Appointment Secretary and recorded on the match card. Any appointed umpire who has concerns about the pitch (e.g. faint markings, irregular surface, etc) must ensure comments are made on the match cards and reported to the NDHUA Secretary Jonathan Rew.

Expense Claims : All officials appointed by the NDHUA shall be entitled to claim reasonable out of pocket expenses. Current rate is 25p per mile.
Claims for North East League and North League Division 2 East matches should be claimed from the NDHUA Honorary Treasurer who will circulate forms to relevant umpires. Claims for North League Premier, North Division 1 matches and all EH Cup competitions (eg Men’s Vase, Men’s Trophy, Men’s Cup) need to be claimed from the North Honorary Treasurer.

Umpires Coaching Events : In an effort to promote and ensure a consistent approach to umpiring, the NDHUA have embarked on holding Umpires Coaching Events based around National League fixtures at Maiden Castle. Details of future events will be posted in Dan's Diary.
An Umpires Forum’s is held at the start of each season, so umpires and clubs can share and learn from experiences of others, including members who have umpired at a National level. A copy of the slides from the 2013-14 event are attached after the event.

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