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A Brief History of the NEHL

In 1956 Ashmores Hockey Club wrote to local clubs asking for support for a proposed league in the area. Unfortunately however the league would have to be confined to County Durham as part of the HA ruling, limiting the scope of the fixtures. (Late in 1971 one of the stronger clubs in the area, Sunderland, resurrected the league idea at the Durham County AGM and proposed that Northumberland be included). The league commenced in season 1972-1973 and 18 clubs participated in the very first NEHL. In 1973 the number of clubs increased to 21 and the second team league was started, also with 21 teams. 1975 saw the leagues split so that there would be two divisions with 12 teams in each division.

In 1998 a conference division was set up for lower sides wishing to participate within a more relaxed format free from certain constraints of the league. There is less formality and no fines attributable to those teams involved in the conference.

In 2002 the League decided to create its own website and acquired the internet address to utilise this popular medium as the main source of information for clubs and the League.

In 2006 the League was re-organised into x4 Divisions of 12 teams with 2 Conference Divisions, North & South in order to cater for a number of Clubs were only interested in or limited to 'local' fixtures.

In 2007 the status of the Conference was changed so that they would operate as a Hockey Development League.

In 2010 the NEHL appointed a League Administrator, responsible for the publication of the North East Hockey League Handbook, maintenance of the NEHL Website and the administration of all NEHL Leagues and Competitions.

In 2012 the League updated it's logo from that shown left, to our current design at the head of the site. Corporate sponsorship also became available for the Leagues, initially from a number of local Sportsware companies and currently from ONE SPORTS WAREHOUSE for the 2017/18 Season.

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